Visit the Kenshô brewery and its rice fields in the Ebro Delta, where you will learn about the rice culture and taste its sakes paired with miso tapas.

Do not miss the experience selected by The Guardian, as one of the discoveries of the year 2018.

“Kensho” means “discover nature”, because our goal is for you to discover the nature of the Ebro Delta!

We offer you three types of visits:

  1. Visit Kensho brewery with sake tasting paired with tapas with miso, 1.30 pm. 20 euros.
  2. Visit Kensho brewery & excursion to the rice fields. Sake tasting is as well included 2 hours. 25 euros.
  3. Visita Kensho brewery & excursion to the rice fields with Electric bike. Sake tasting is included. 4 hours. 35 euros. 

Prior reservation is required. The hours are flexible, but they are usually 11.00, 13.00 and 17.00. To arrange a visit, contact or 652834259.

Details of the visit.

  1. location: The visit takes place in Can Kenshô. A family farmhouse from 1945, registered in the Catalog of Catalan Masias of the Generalitat. The farmhouse is in l’Ampolla. Googlemaps address.
  2. Introduction to the culture of rice, sake and the Ebro Delta Natural Park. We are an information point accredited by the Ebro Delta natural park and in Sustainable Tourism by Europarc.

  1. Time for the sake tasting! At the izakaya, we will taste 3 types of sake paired with miso tapas
  • Excursion to the rice fields (optional): If you have selected to visit the rice fields. We will go there where you will learn about rice culture and nature, all surrounded with his beautiful landscape.
  • Rice fields with electric bike (optional) : In this option you will pick up the electric bikes inside the Natural park and you will come pedaling till Kenshô, where you will make the visit and then comeback with the bikes to the pick up point.

Kensho – Discover you nature


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