Shochu – Distilled sake



Shochu is a rice distillate made from Kenshô sake and sake kasu. Sake kasu is rice with alcohol left from the fermentation of sake. So it is a responsible distillate that brings you the essence of the flavor of rice. It has been recognized for Sustainability Spirit Awards 2020. This type of shochu is the most traditional one.

Style: Kasutori Honkaku shochu

  • Kasutori: Made from sake kasu. Remains of the sake, making it a sustainable distillate.
  • Honkaku: shochu made from a single distillation, to maintain the flavor of the rice.
  • Shochu: It means distilled in Japanese.


  • Tasting note: Delicate, rice flavor service: It has a soft graduation, 30º, so it can be enjoyed alone, with an ice or in your favorite cocktails.
  • Pairing: In Japan it is very common to enjoy it during food, both hot and cold.
  • Alcohol: 30% Vol: 70 cl.

Kenshô – Discover your nature

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