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Kasu sake is a cream of rice resulting from the production of sake. It is very interesting gastronomically because it adds a slight aroma of sake to your dishes, to counteract the excess of protein flavor (Kusami) that some meats and fish give and to make soups (Kasu jiru).

  • Recommendations for use: The most common way to consume it. It is to take advantage of the fact that it is not pasteurized and use it to marinate fish. In winter if we mix it with water and heat, we can taste a wonderful amazake sake kasu and in summer try to make an ice cream with sake flavor.
  • Alcohol: 8% -12%
  • Ingredients: sake (rice and koji kin)
  • Net content: 380 gr.
  • Conservation: Keep in cool  temperature.
  • Unpasteurized.
  • Without gluten.

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380 g, 5 kg


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