Nigori:cloudy sake



Nigori: Cloudy sake

Description: It is a sake without filters, because it has not been filtered, so it is for people without filters. People who are authentic and want to taste the authentic flavor of sake rice. It is how sake used to be.

Style: tokubetsu  junmai nigori (tokubetsu: craft, junmai: pure rice, nigori: cloudy)

Tasting note: Cloudy sake, which traces of dissolved rice have been left on purpose to bring strong flavor of rice. It is a dry sake with small fruit notes and a lactic touch.

Service: Drink slightly cold or room temperature(7-15º)

Glassware: Best to drink it in the traditional way, in a o-choko

Very important to stir the bottle upside down before serving, so the rice particles get even.

Pairing: Because its lactic and umami taste. Pair with food with umami like gyozas, ramen, cheese, Iberian ham and chocolates. 

Ingredients: rice, koji and yeast

Rice polishing : 70% seimaibuai

alcohol: 12%

Vol: 33 cl.

Special characteristics: Organic, gluten and sulfite free,

Kenshô – Discover your nature

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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