Craft Tokubetsu 1 star ITQI



Craft Tokubetsu

International awarded sake by ITQI 2017 Bruselas. It is a craft sake brewed with local variety of rice from Delta del Ebro, giving  a different mediterranean touch.

Style: tokubtesu muroka junmai.

  • Tokubetsu: Author sake.
  • Muroka: Without activated carbon.
  • Junmai: Pure rice

Description: Fruity & low alcohol sake, recommended to served it cold and paired it with you favorite sushi or seafood.

Tasting note:  Golden color, fruity aromas, such as melon, apple and citrus with a rice touch.

Service temperature: Slightly cold or room temperature (8-15º).

Glassware: You can drinked it in a traditional 0-choko ( sake cup) or even with a wine glass.

Pairing: fish, seafood, vegetables, delicate japanese food such as sushi.

Ingredients: Rice, koji & yeast

Rice polishing : 70% seimaibuai

alcohol: 13,5%

Vol: 33cl.

Special characteristics: Organic, gluten free & sulfites free.

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