Amazake is a sweet sake without alcohol. It is known as non-alcoholic sake because the process is very similar to sake making. The main difference is that when the rice has been fermented in natural sugars, thanks to koj, the fermentation is stopped so that there is no alcohol produce.

The amazake can be enjoyed as a drink or as a cream. It has a similar appearance to yogurt and because is fermented it has numerous derived benefits. That is why it is the main dessert of macrobiotic diets, where in addition to using it as a dessert they also use it as a substitute for sugar, as it is a natural sweetener, easy to digest and nutritious, which makes it very beneficial for health. It is also used as a substitute for milk as it provides lactose-free creaminess

Kenshô amazake is handcrafted with organic rice from the Ebro Delta Natural Park.

How to use amazake?

You can used in so many ways:

  • As a dessert: just enjoyed it with your spoon or add some of your favorite fruits.
  • As a sweetener, substituting 3 tablespoons of amazake for each tablespoon of sugar you can use in your favorite recipes. As it is rich in enzymes, it is also very good for making bread, pancakes, etc … where it helps in the fermentation process.
  • As a milk substitute. Amazake brings creaminess to your vegan recipes.
  • As a drink, where you can directly buy our amazake drink or prepare it from the cream just adding water. We recommend to serve it with a little of grated ginger. You can take it hot or cold.

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